Iron Nation recommends doing the training at the gym. However every plan created by us is designed for you, taking under consideration the available equipment and preferences. So the workout can be done at your home or in the fresh air.
Iron Nation always adapts the training plan to your invdividual skills.
Thats why before we start, we ask you to to fill a form about yourself.
Thanks to that we guatrantee that the plan will fit you.
Yes. You can just inform us about it while contacting. We will send a named voucher to the desired mail adress.
Iron Nation available at FB: IronNationPL and Instagram @ironnationpl
Our profiles on Instagram:
Maciej Osytek: @maciejosytek
Anita Płóciennik: @plociennikanita
Founders – Maciej Osytek & Anita Płóciennik
Yes. The only thing you have to do is to honestly fill the form of consultation and we will take all the information under consideration while creating the plan.
Training methods are divided by the level of your experience and the goal. Check our offer out and you will find something for yourself. You can choose the individual training plan, which will be adapted to your capabilities.
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